Tirriwirri School

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About our school

Tirriwirri School caters for students with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities, and autism. Classes range from Kindergarten to Year 12 and each is staffed by a teacher and a School Learning Support Officer. The school has a strong commitment to offering all students the same educational opportunities that students in mainstream settings can access.  

Our school will be a caring community with a strong focus on wellbeing and fostering an environment where students are known, valued and cared for by all staff. Our inspiring and passionate teachers will support students to achieve the best learning and wellbeing outcomes possible through individualised learning programs developed in consultation with their parent/carers.  

We aim to ensure that all members of our school community – students, families, staff – feel a strong connection to our school. We are working to create a school where everyone is proud to say, this is where I belong. 

Our school is committed to supporting people with a disability to maximise their potential and participate in our community as equal citizens.

The name ‘Tirriwirri’

Tirriwirri is a Ngambri Ngunnawal word given to our school by the Ngambri Ngunnawal elders meaning Iron Bark tree. This tree is of exceptional and regional significance for scientific, social, historical and aesthetic reasons. The tree is of historical importance as it is associated with indigenous Australians who used its bark for the creation of canoes, shelters, shields and containers, such as coolamons.

The name Tirriwirri gives the school strong health and wellbeing. Children need this when they are growing up. Children need help and support when they are growing up, and they can get that from this beautiful tree. We need strong names and strong people in our schools. The tree will always be here to protect them and watch them grow. Along with their parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, who will protect and honour all the children who are in this school, the Iron Bark Tree will sustain the children through all the times of their lives. It gives us strength because there are so many uses of the beautiful Iron Bark tree in your place and on country. Aunty Matilda House-Ngambri-Ngunnawal elder.